Kevin Coster

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You can't beat a Miami boat day. It's always a special treat to be out in Biscayne Bay with friends, family, my favorite lady, great food and drinks, to boot. There were some amazing clouds out, getting sheared off by winds, helping bring some drama to the images.

Thanks, as always, to the Armas family for inviting us aboard. Days like these aren't taken for granted, and define why I love Miami.

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Victoria and I spent 10 days in Montauk over 4th of July. If you've ever been there, you'll probably miss it when looking at these images. I know I miss it every time this album passes by. We took hundreds of photos - all unique moments along our journey.

I'll never forget this trip - we did just about everything you can do in the area - kayaking, lobster eating, wine drinking, hose back riding, s'more roasting, market shopping, hiking, partying, sparklers, site seeing and more.

These are a sampling of some of my favorite moments. The rest, I'm keeping for us. Montauk's just that kind of place. Plus, you'd probably get tired of seeing our awesome trip photos.

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